Anime Lockdown 2020 Wrap Up

Anime Lockdown 2020 was an online anime convention held May 1-3, 2020. Programming was hosted on a Twitch channel, while additional activities such cosplay, party rooms, and a vendor hall were accessible on a Discord server.

There were 25 panels hosted by 28 panelists. Many panels had between 100-300 viewers, with the most attended panel having over 800. There were 63 Vendors and 703 Con Goers on the Discord server.

We’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from people about the event. For many attendees an online convention was perfect for them because they’re unable to attend a normal convention due to financial reasons, disability, lack of cons in the area, social anxiety, etc. For some, Anime Lockdown was their very first convention.

While not all vendors made as much money as they had hoped, they were happy to be given a space to share their merchandise with so many new people. Our virtual rave was also a success with many people donating to the DJ during the three performances.

Overall, we consider Anime Lockdown 2020 to be a success. We never imagined it could get as big as it did, and the fact that we made a positive impact on so many people’s lives is the best feeling in the world.

With that being said, there are things that we can do better if we do this again.

Despite our best efforts to provide a positive environment to all attendees, some people reached out to us and expressed safety concerns. Others were afraid to bring them up because they didn’t think they’d be taken seriously. Many believed our rules of conduct were too vague.

  • In an effort to improve upon this for the future we intend to implement the following changes:
  • The vetting process for staff will be more thorough.
  • The number of moderators on Twitch and Discord will be increased.
  • Our rules will be revised to include language that prohibits racism, sexism, homophobia, transpobia, ageism, xenophobia, as well as all slurs.
  • We will provide an anonymous way for people to report behavior that makes them feel unsafe.

A concern was also raised about the lack of diversity in both the panelists and programming. We are currently brainstorming ideas for how to solve this problem. If we do this again, we will encourage people of all backgrounds to submit their panels. We will also do our best to have a wider variety of programming by leaving submissions open longer.

Finally, if Anime Lockdown hosts another convention there will be a separate channel for After Dark programming. Despite our best efforts to warn people about the content, some people missed the warning and visited the panel room unintentionally.

Thank you again to everyone for participating in our event. We hope to see you soon.

Anime Lockdown