Submit a Panel

The deadline for panel submission is June 20, 2021. You will then have approximately two weeks for final preparations and tech checks with Anime Lockdown staff. Please read the rules before submitting your panel. Some things have changed since last year.

There are 24 PANEL SLOTS open over the course of the weekend.

  • There are 18 All Ages – The normal day-time type programming you have at cons. Keep it PG-13.
  • There are 6 After Dark – Typical night-time type programming you have at cons. You can swear, drink, whatever. We can’t show nudity on Twitch, so any hentai will have to be modified to obscure the naughty bits.

How to Present:

  • In order to present you must have a microphone and a pair of headphones.
  • Panelists will join a Discord or Zoom call with Anime Lockdown.
  • Visual aids must be sent to the Anime Lockdown Dropbox ahead of time so we can display them for the audience. Last year we handled all visual aids. This year we are being a bit more flexible. If you wish to screen share, that is an option, but we will still handle any video clips on our end to minimize sync issues.
  • All panels are strictly one hour long. If you don’t think you have enough content, please do not submit it. If you go over your time, you will be cut short.
  • You will be expected to show up on Discord 15 minutes before your panel starts so we can get everything set up on time.
  • Video clips for fan panels are allowed, but preference will be given to panels that don’t use clips. If you use clips, they must contain all relevant copyright information. Try to keep clips between 30-60 seconds. Disregard this if you own the copyright to the clips you’re showing.
  • No webcams.

Panelists will be expected to do a Tech Check in the weeks leading up to the convention. This should only take 5-10 minutes. We just want to make sure that everyone’s microphone works, levels are good, and that your visual aids work.

Anime Lockdown is not a monetized event. We will not be making money on your hard work. Your panel is your intellectual property. We are simply providing you a platform. Panelists can advertise their website, podcast, Patreon, etc., but Anime Lockdown will never attempt to profit on your presentation.

Multiple submissions are welcome.