Artist Alley

Digital art commissions.

Hand-made jewelry, props, and digital art commissions.

Alienkitty Designs
Cute japanese inspired creations ranging from stickers to buttons and so much more!

Charms, stickers, buttons, prints, and pins. Uncommon merch like LED acrylic standees and an ongoing hoodie preorder. Also queer themed/general mood/vibes merch.

Small USA artist who makes holographic keychains, prints, stickers, totebags and commissions!

Blueberry Demon’s Commissions
Art commissions, as well as products on my redbubble.

Fanarts of charms, buttons, and other small trinkets.

Bumble Kitty
Crochet and embroidery artwork. Stuffies, accessories, patches and more!

Chocola Studio
Chocola Studio offers adorable pastel art merch buttons, mini prints, and charms!

Clover Patch Studio
Stickers, acrylic goods, posters, and digital commissions.

Prints, pins and commissions!

Whimsical woodland stationery, wooden pins, a witches’ lifestyle zine, and illustrations

Dorky Dino
Cute creatures designs that are hand made into various charms, keychains, jewelry, dice bags, and patches. Also offers original paintings and other fine arts.

Small prints, stickers, and commissions. Commissions can be turned into stickers and prints, as well.

Get in a TiZzy!
Fleece critter and anime/game inspired hats, along with hair bows, jewelry, and face masks.

Happy Charms
Pop culture inspired charms and accessories all designed and made with love!

Ivory Ice
Buttons, charms, enamel pins, wood pins, stickers, lanyards, and tote bags.

Digital art comissions

JBlake Design
Fanart and original art in the form of: prints, holo prints, clear/ iridescent charms, vinyl stickers, tote bags, magnets, patches, commissions and more!

Jenn Li Art
Hyper-stylized and colorful merchandise, prints, and commissionsthat blend the fun and quirks of anime and western cartoons into one.

Feminine and female-oriented holographic stickers, glitter postcards, shimmer art prints, coloring books for adults, watercolor paintings, and hand-embellished wooden charms.

Digital artwork commissions.

Digtal art commissions.

Loading Crew Crafts
Handmade plushies and pillows, tons of cool art in the form of SFW Dakimakura, art prints, acrylic charms, and comic books!

Lulu VanHoagland
I sell prints, jewelry, pins and books with a J-fashion and surreal slant.

Lunar Commissions
Selling speedy and nice art commissions during the span of the con. Guaranteed to be finished within the three days.

Commissions and more!

Webcomic artist, whose prints are published under her imprint Jadine Rhine Studios.

Painted Kitsune
We sell one of a kind wood burnings of fandoms! And right now anything bought comes with free mystery gift.

I am offering a variety of commissions, as well as various products on my RedBubble.

Poppy’s Shop
Specializes in drawing kawaii anime girls! Prints, stickers, keychains, acrylic standees, and commissions.

Pyroclast17/Square Milliner
Fanart, handmade accessories, hats!

RAY Art and Design
Handmade Amigurumi plushies, vinyl stickers, prints, and Keychains!

Red Wolf Studios
Goods inspired primarily by video games. Prints, charms, microfiber cleaning cloths and vinyl weatherproof stickers! Original work as well.

Seainqstars Art
Commissions of any shape and size. Also sell prints and other merchandise.

Digital art commissions, requests, art trades, prints, and more!

Suppapong Studio
D&D themed original art and fanart! Also charms and buttons.

Sweet Kitty Creations
Hand made and custom plushies, kigurimis, hats, keychains, buttons, coin/dice bags and more!

Anime vinyl stickers, jet tags, and air fresheners.

Tsuyoki Boutique
Art Commissions, Pins, buttons, prints, stickers.

Cute food-themed art of anime and game mascots! Primary fandoms are Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. Prints, bookmarks, and acrylic keychains.