Panel Descriptions


Friday May 1, 2020

10:00am – Opening Ceremonies
Anime Lockdown is finally here!

11:00am – Pokebiology 101: The Online Course
Connie Wall
Why are there differences between your Alolan and Kanto Pokemon? Why are the professors so concerned with catching and tracking all the Pokemon in your region? What do you mean my Bulbasaur didn’t actually evolve? This panel covers some real-life parallels between the Pokémon universe and our own, with no background necessary! Come and see what the Pokémon world has to teach us about our own environments and natural world!

12:30pm – History of Shonen Jump
Anime Commentary
Shonen Jump has been in continuous publication since 1968; this panel explores some of its key titles.

2:00pm – Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment Industry Panel
Right Stuf Anime
A one hour panel with Right Stuf Anime.

3:30pm – The Weirdest anime ever 
Seanalpha, Gokuja
A discussion about the Weirdest and most bizarre anime out there from Joan of arc making a deal with the devil to anime made to advertise and promote doomsday cults. From pink haired girls with pellet guns to magical girl power ups.

5:00pm – The Criticism of Film Criticism
Mark McPherson
How has film criticism changed with the advent of online discourse? Join us for a discussion on the topic of film criticism.

6:30pm – Otakunomics – The Business World Behind Anime
What’s a production committee? How does anime make money? Why are Japanese discs so expensive? We know anime is big business, but how much do we know about how it works? Join Timeenforceranubis as he breaks down the business models behind anime.

8:00pm – Beyond Anime High School: Anime For Grown-Ups
Getting a little old for high school anime? Looking for something different? Let’s look at some anime made for an older audience, about adult characters dealing with adult problems. About characters with jobs and responsibilities. Because there’s more to life than teenage angst.

9:30pm – One Piece: Set Sail From Home
Ryan Funes
One Piece has been able to transport anyone, anywhere to a world of adventure, drama and romance. Come along for the ride at a panel for the pirate in you as we discuss the latest developments in the manga, celebrate the moments that made us fall in love with the series, and pose the biggest questions brewing among fans. Hoist anchor and come along for the ride!

Anime Lockdown After Dark

11:00pm – The Metal ‘n’ Anime Connection
Doug W.
Do you want to go to DMC? Are you ready to rock with Harlock? Did you know that anime and heavy metal have insane crossover appeal? Jump in the pit for the best metal-themed anime and anime-themed metal.

12:30am – Horror in Pokémon
Straight Outta Kanto
Straight Outta Kanto Podcast Radio Show presents it’s notorious “Horror in Pokémon” panel! Discussing the creeypastasa, urban legends, forgotten facts, banned episodes and obscure fan theories that prove that Pokémon is NOT just a children’s game.

Saturday May 2, 2020

11:00am – The Robot in Anime
Anime Commentary
A brief history of robots and cyborgs in postwar anime, from 1940s forebears to today.

12:30pm – …but I HATE sports anime!
Love anime but HATE sports anime? Ink (Ani-Gamers, Oldtaku no Radio) used to as well. Come watch a few clips and listen to Ink describe how some truly stand-out shows turned him into a discerning sports anime enthusiast. (No vuvuzelas allowed!)

2:00pm – What’s The Deal With Real Robot?
Bella Blondeau, Russell Alterman, Preston McFarlin
A super robot? A real robot? What’s the difference?! Don’t worry, three complete dorks are here to set the record straight about the birth of mech anime, the rise of “real robot,” and how Evangelion basically ruined mecha.

3:30pm – Kyle Hebert Q & A
One hour Q & A with Kyle Hebert, the voice of Teen Gohan (DBZ) and Kamina (Gurren Lagann).

5:00pm – Veronica Taylor Q & A
One hour Q & A with Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash Ketchum (Pokemon) and April (TMNT).

6:30pm – Anime Cult Classics
Mike Toole
Looking for a survey of cool, obscure anime? Look elsewhere, because this panel is actually about Japanese animation created and/or funded by what are known in Japan as “shinkō shūkyō” – ‘new religions’ that often turn out to be religious cults. Yep, enlightenment can be yours after sampling the best, the weirdest, and the most bizarre anime films from the likes of Sokka Gakkai, the Institute for Research into Human Happiness, and even the infamous Aum Shinri Kyo.

8:00pm – Doki Doki Literature Club: The Dating Sim Nightmare
Nerd To Know Media: Darragh O’Connor, Cian O’Ceallachain, Brin O’Rourke
There’s hundreds of anime dating sims; one however stands tall as the best known subversion of the genre, leading the player on an experience unlike anything else. This panel breaks down why this works so well, the features that it exploits, our experience with the game, and its legacy.

9:30pm – Rising Stars: Anime Directors To Keep Your Eyes On
Mob Psycho, Devilman, Yuri on Ice, Your Name, and more! So much of the last few years’ most exciting new anime was made by a wave of young and up-and-coming directors. Let’s see what makes these rising stars worth keeping your eyes on!

Anime Lockdown After Dark

10:30pm, 12:00am, and 1:30am – Virtual Rave
DJ Obi-Wan Shinobi
Join DJ Obi-Wan Shinobi for a virtual rave inbetween our After Dark programming.

11:00pm – Anime Burger Time
Evan Minto
Does exactly what it says on the tin! In this clip show, Evan Minto (Ani-Gamers, Otaku USA) celebrates the many appearances of hamburgers in anime, from space vending machines to burger-shaped four-leaf clovers. Attendees are encouraged to eat a burger while they watch!

12:30am – Kinkshamers Unanimous: The Best Worst Fetishes In Hentai
Bella Blondeau, Russell Alterman, Preston McFarlin
Hentai’s got a lot of weird fetishes, most of which defy all rational belief. So we’re going to go through them! Our favorites, our least favorites, and ones that are just flatout terrible and bad and for bad people!

Sunday May 3, 2020

11:00am – Gundams and Demons
NoS Anime
While Iron-Blooded Orphans upholds Gundam fundamentals, it also strives to be unique. Join NoS Anime as they examine one of its best exclusive features: dangerous and demonic depictions of Gundams. Learn how this series uses its mecha to craft a distinctly deadly take on the Gundam franchise.

12:30pm – Discotek Media Industry Panel
Mike Toole, Justin Sevakis, and Brady Hartel
One hour industry panel with Discotek Media.

2:00pm – History of Mecha: The 60s and 70s
NoS Anime
Mecha anime has a storied history that deserves to be told. Join NoS Anime on a journey that highlights the major milestones and series in mecha anime throughout the years. In this first installment, discover the origins and early development of mecha anime from Tetsujin 28 to Mobile Suit Gundam.

3:30pm – Cool animators (and how they shaped anime)
Nate A.M.
From crazy action scenes to emotional outbursts to comfy everyday activity, animation adds materially to our favorite anime, but there’s more to animation than “good” and “bad.” Adventurous animators have fundamentally shaped the development of anime into the thing we all love. Come hear how.

5:00pm – A History of Americanization
Mark McPherson
It look a long time for anime to come to the states in its uncut form. Take a look back on the history of editing anime for the American market.

6:30pm – Closing Ceremonies
To be continued…?